It’s best to get in touch with me directly so that I can tailor the right advice to you and your circumstances.

But, I understand you may want a general idea of how the home loan process works, especially if you’re a first home buyer – so I’ve put together 6 steps of the home loan process to guide you.

Rhonda Mills – The Mortgage Advisor

1 / Get in touch

We meet in person, or virtually, to discuss how I can help you. We’ll talk about your current financial situation and work through your goals. I’ll walk you through the information I need, my recommendations and give you time to consider your options.

Rhonda Mills – The Mortgage Advisor

2 / Gather your information

Now’s the time for you to gather all your supporting information. This usually includes photo identification, confirmation of your income, bank statements, details of your deposit, your financial liabilities and your current household budget. I’ll let you know exactly what information you need to provide, and why.

Rhonda Mills – The Mortgage Advisor

3 / Complete your mortgage application

I’ll send you an application form through my online app or we can fill out the application together. This includes information about your financial situation and documents like your payslips and bank statements, to prove it.

Rhonda Mills – The Mortgage Advisor

4 / Seek pre-approval from the bank

It’s best to seek a pre-approval from the bank, so you know your budget before you start looking at property. I’ll talk to you about the best bank to apply with and then prepare and present the application on your behalf. Once pre-approval has been given you can start looking at property with clarity and confidence.

Rhonda Mills – The Mortgage Advisor

5 / Complete final approval conditions

You’ve found the right house, and you’ve signed the sale and purchase agreement. You’re starting to feel excited. I’ll help you work through the final stages. This may include organising final bank conditions such as builders’ reports or valuations.

Rhonda Mills – The Mortgage Advisor

6 / Bring on settlement day

Congratulations. It’s the day you’ve been waiting for. You’re finally getting the keys to your new home. Don’t forget, I’ll continue to help you manage your loan into the future. I'm here to support you throughout your property journey.

You are my priority

Whether you’re in the market for your first home, home renovation, building your dream home, downsizing after your family has spread their wings, or you’re an aspiring or seasoned investor – I'm here for you. I also aim to save you money on your existing loan.

My advice is trusted, professional and personal. You’ll get the right advice for your situation both now and into the future.

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