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What does a mortgage advisor do?

Are you wondering why you should use a mortgage advisor (or, mortgage broker)?

Purchasing a home is stressful. Dealing directly with the bank (or multiple people at the bank) and understanding market jargon (whatever happened to plain English!). It’s the biggest financial transaction of your life and it’s a complicated process.

Insert mortgage advisor… 

Because I do this every day, I understand how the banks and other lenders operate.

It’s my job to understand the economic environment – what’s happening with interest rates, and housing and what this might mean for you. 

I don’t just look at your current situation but discuss your future goals and put in a plan in place that helps you get there, faster.

I bring mortgage advice, knowledge and experience to the table to ensure the process runs smoothly and is stress-free. 

It’s about more than the mortgage. I want to help you on your property journey. That means our relationship isn’t over come settlement day. I’m with you right through. I can help you as your situation changes. 

From starting a family, navigating divorce, pay-rises, retirement plans, financial stress or the general day-to-day – life changes and your financial commitments evolve with them. I will continue to help you manage your loan in to the future.